Exhibition photography by Katherine Mager

The Garden City


Pantheon Creative were tasked with producing logos and graphics as well as implementing the exhibition design for Broadway Gallery's latest show, 'The Garden City Postcard Project'.


The exhibition centres on a selection of twentieth century souvenir postcards from the Garden City Collection. From historic scenes and sentimental imagery in the Edwardian era to amusingly unfashionable 1970s examples, we see how Letchworth has imagined itself as a visitor destination over the years.


Alongside this, a series of new postcards of Letchworth will also be displayed. Local artists, illustrators, designers and writers, as well as local art students and contemporary artists visiting from further afield, have all been invited to contribute to the exhibition by creating new postcards that capture their impressions of the Garden City.  It might be a favourite scene, a detail from a building – even a poem or a short story.


We made a logo based upon traditional stamped postmarks showing scenes of the town as well as references to its history as the first Garden City.

Alongside this are oversized vinyl graphics of handwritten messages taken straight from the postcards found in the Garden City Collection archives.


Exhibition design and logos.


Hertfordshire, England


October 2017